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Station Address:
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Phone: 610-866-8074
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Jolly Joe Timmer
Polka Hall of Fame Inductee
Living Category – Inducted 1990

The other inductee to the 1990 living category is virtually from the other side of the country from Myron Floren, Jolly Joe Timmer of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Jolly Joe Timmer had a radio show, television show, polka band, music store and picnic grove all strongly promoting polka music.  When asked when and how he became involved in polka music Joe said, “My time started after high school, 1948.

“Before I had my band, I used to go dancing every Saturday night at the Lincoln Hall in Miller Heights, PA. I danced every polka, waltz and oberek.  Prior to that when I was a little boy, my mother took me to clubs that had polka music.  I liked the music and started playing.” The Jolly Joe Timmer Orchestra has seven albums to their credit.


He began events at Timmer’s Grove located in Point Phillips, Pennsylvania in 1970.  The grove featured polka music by some of the country’s best bands and on a regular basis.  They served home cooked foods and the grove was heated for the winter months and has picnic tables out for summer picnics.

Another area Joe was active in was polka promotion on his record company.  Rave Record Company has recorded many bands and many styles of polka music including Polish, German and Austrian styles.

Joe Timmer, owner of WGPA-AM knew how to make a Radio Station work. He invited people in the community to host their own shows on the stations airwaves and it’s streaming capability around the world. Local shows include sports , medical , business , parenting , and one of the most popular show was The Jolly Joe Timmer Show that has been on the air for almost 60 years , he has also owned the station WGPA for 20 years.
New programing will begin airing…
The station is currently for sale.


An airial view of the Studio of WGPA in beautiful downtown Bethlehem , Pennsylvania. USA

Bio: Jolly Joe began listening to polka music during his childhood days, growing up in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Soon after graduating from Bethlehem Catholic High School in 1948, he built his love of music into fantastic enterprises. As a resident of the Bethlehem area, Jolly Joe has created a food specialty line that he serves at his picnic grove ( Now Closed ) at Point Phillips in Bath, PA. Since 1970, polka legends such as Walt Groller and The Kryger Brothers have played.

If this man were not talented enough, he also bought a radio station, WGPA Sunny 1100 AM. When he announced he would be buying the station, Timmer said, “All my life I’ve been involved in radio and television. It’s a shame I waited this long to buy a station.” These accomplishments are noteworthy however, nothing can take the place of Timmer’s passion for writing and performing music. Jolly Joe has been writing polka music since he began playing with the band he created in the early nineteen fifties. With seven albums in circulation, the Jolly Joe Timmer Orchestra “hopes to put out a few more[albums].” Among all of these polka-filled activities, Joe was the host of his own television show. Well-known as the “Jolly Joe Timmer Show” it aired on all of the local cable stations. Mondays from 7pm to 8pm and Blue Ridge Cable TV. features Joe on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm and on RCN Cable 4 on Thursdays 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

Timmer’s numerous activities to promote polka music, have not been unnoticed. In 1991, Joe was recognized by Who’s Who in Leading American Executives for his accomplishments and contributions to his musical organizations. Joe also received the Polka News Network’s lifetime polka music award in May of 1995. This award was presented to him by Walt Groller, another polka enthusiast and lifetime award winner. Both men did receive a place in the Polka Hall of Fame.

Timmer’s love and dedication for polka have helped pave the way for upcoming polka musicians and for generations to come. In the Lehigh Valley and beyond, Joe is a legend in his own time. As Joe once said, “I perform polka because it means so much to my audience. I like doing the “Jolly Joe Timmer Show” to entertain those too ill to go out and polka themselves…[That] is my real name.” Jolly Joe is a real man with a really big heart.